About me

I decided to build this website because it is my tiny, hopefully, creative speck out there in the universe. If someone happens upon my site and likes it, I’m happy to have made some sort of impression. What better way than to blog and post photos of what so many people love? Food! 😁

I love food, all types of food (well, except for cilantro…gasp!). I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie, an expert on food, a chef or anything of that sort. I just wanted to share where I have eaten good…great…amazing food, whether it be at a restaurant in town (the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada), somewhere I travelled to or a meal made at home.

I often search on the Internet and food apps for best restaurants located in a certain area or serving a particular type of food, which depends on what I’m craving that day, in the hopes that other people’s reviews will help me discover a new favourite restaurant. This is kind of like “paying it forward” in a way.

I also like cooking at home. You get to learn from your “mistakes” and experiment until you eat your home-cooked meal one day and say “That was good!!”. I want to share those moments.

This site will only include positive reviews, a chance for me to rave about food and restaurants. Hopefully you love food as much as I do and I helped in some way. I apologize if the food photos make you as hungry as I am right now. 😉

~ Food Blogger of YUMMY 4 UR TUMMY

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