Aleppo Kebab

1960 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z1

Delicious food is abundant in Scarborough and a lot of these restaurants seem to be in the Warden and Lawrence area. I could probably spend a week eating at all the good restaurants there and still wouldn’t get through them. Pho Metro is there and so is Ibrahim B.B.Q. Shawarma so I shouldn’t have been surprised that Aleppo Kebab, which is across the street, has delicious food as well. Aleppo Kebab is a family-owned restaurant that serves food with Syrian and Armenian flavours, and has been named “One of the best Syrian restaurants in Toronto” by blogTO.

My husband and I went to get lunch from Aleppo Kebab a couple of weekends ago and were greeted by whom I assume was the owner’s wife. She was friendly when she greeted us and encouraged our order of the Mixed Kebab Plate, which cost $15.99 + tax. Yup, my husband and I got the same thing because we each wanted to try both the chicken and beef skewers. I guess we could have ordered something different and shared, but what if we each liked our own orders more? First world problems…

The Mixed Kebab Plate was really, really good. The salad was fresh and flavoured with lemon juice and olive oil, and both the beef and chicken skewers were seasoned really well. The rice and pita were also tasty, but I would say the stars of the meal were the hummus and garlic cream. They were delicious and accentuated the flavours of their food even more. No wonder the guy who picked up his order before us asked for an extra hummus and garlic cream with his group platter.

I believe it was my first time trying Syrian food and it definitely won’t be the last. My husband said it was the only food he has eaten since his trip to Egypt that has come close to the flavours of the food he tried there. (I can’t wait to visit the Middle East one day if only COVID-19 would go away…) Aleppo Kebab is an unassuming restaurant that has amazing food. If you give them a try, I think you will be very pleasantly surprised like we were. 😊

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