El Sazón de la Tía Flor

1549 O’Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4B 2V7

Strange to say, but I don’t have a favourite Mexican restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area. I used to like the one that was in Unionville (I can’t remember the name of it), but it closed so I was delighted when my friend told me about El Sazón de la Tía Flor a few months ago. We went there a couple of times and then I brought my husband there so he could try it too.

El Sazón de la Tía Flor is located on O’Connor Dr near Victoria Park and Eglinton and is a cute restaurant. The best part though is…guess what? They have $1 tacos on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if you order a minimum of 10 tacos. That’s even cheaper than Taco Bell tacos and these are authentic. Due to their $1 taco special, they can get busy on those days but the wait is worth it.

I haven’t been able to find their $1 taco menu on their website, but if you zoom into my photo below of their colourfully marked whiteboards, you will see the 10 different types of soft tacos you can choose from. If you want some salsa or Pico de Gallo to go with your tacos, it will cost $2 per container. Hey, they have to make a little bit of money somehow. 😉

The five types of tacos I have tried were all delicious. The Carne Ranchera had ground beef and little pieces of potatoes, the Cochinita Pibil had juicy pork, the Pollo was made with pulled chicken and onions, the Birria had both pork and beef (it had a lot of meat), and the Carnitas had flavourful pulled pork. The Carnitas were my favourite and the Birria was a close second. The Roja Salsa, which is their spicy salsa, had a nice taste and kick to it.

If you are ever in the mood for tacos and want a cheap meal, you should give El Sazón de la Tía Flor a try. With the cost of food going up so much in Canada, I feel like I am taking advantage of them by getting their $1 tacos. El Sazón de la Tía Flor, please don’t raise your prices because I said that…

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