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I am overdue for writing a home cooking blog article, but Farm Boy products have taken over our freezer and popping something into the oven isn’t something I can take credit for. In my Farm Boy Real Butter Popcorn blog article, I mentioned that I was first introduced to Farm Boy, which is seen as Canada’s Trader Joe’s, by my friend and her gushing over their Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn. I only purchased their popcorn during that visit because I didn’t want any frozen goods to defrost during my drive home, but I couldn’t wait to go to a Farm Boy closer to home. If their other products were as good as their Real Butter Popcorn, I knew Farm Boy would be my new favourite supermarket.

I convinced my husband to go to Farm Boy a couple of months ago and we have been going back ever since. Their fruits, vegetables, and meat seem fresher than a lot of supermarkets in the GTA and their prices are comparable. They also have a good deli, fresh salad bar, hot bar, and prepared foods section.

Even though I like everything at Farm Boy, their frozen products are what I mostly want to rave about this time. Frozen food makes cooking at home easy, but they usually have a number of preservatives. Farm Boy’s frozen products seem healthier and some of them are also gluten-free without sacrificing taste. A few of the ones I have tried which are delicious (and all are reasonably priced) are:

  1. Farm Boy Gluten-Free Breaded Haddock – Each piece of haddock is a good amount of fish and even though they are lightly breaded with gluten-free ingredients, they can get nicely crispy.
  2. Farm Boy Meat Lasagna – It is the only frozen meat lasagna I will eat. Usually, I prefer vegetable lasagna because it has cream sauce instead of tomato sauce, but I like Farm Boy’s meat lasagna due to the quality of their ingredients. I add additional cheese on top of it near the end of the baking process since I love cheese…
  3. Farm Boy Frozen Chicken Strips – Farm Boy uses big chunks of chicken breast (they do not skimp at all) for their frozen chicken strips, which are seasoned and lightly breaded.
  4. Farm Boy Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons – I wasn’t expecting their wontons to be so tasty. The wonton wrapper is crunchy and the cream cheese is velvety with a hint of jalapeño.

This blog article will never end if I continue to praise each of the Farm Boy products I love so please don’t think that if I didn’t mention one of their products here, it is not good. It is quite the opposite – their Beef Pepperoni Slims taste like Hot Rods. Need I say more? 😉

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