Francesca Bakery

2 Invergordon Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 2Y8

Since I’m not big on sweets, I have probably passed by Francesca Bakery thousands of times (my grandma lives nearby) without a second thought. My husband loves sweets though so he kept mentioning that we should go there recently, but every time we wanted to, there was a lineup to get in. That made me intrigued…

We were lucky and finally made it there on a rare day that had no line-up. When we entered, we were hit with many wonderful smells (even through our face masks). They have a bakery, hot table section, and specialty Italian grocery items for sale. When we were standing in line to place our order, I overheard someone telling the person working at the bakery that they would pick “it” up the next day. I’m curious as to what “it” was. Hmmm…could be a cake. 🙂

My husband and I got the empanadas, veal sandwiches, Ciambellas, and one cinnamon twist. I think you can guess who the cinnamon twist was for… The prices were pretty reasonable and what you would normally pay for those items elsewhere so the fact that the food at Francesca Bakery is freshly made makes it seem cheaper in a way.

The food from Francesca Bakery was good and fresh…the empanadas were flavourful and filling and the veal sandwiches were made with good quality cuts of veal. What I loved though was the Ciambella. Even though I don’t normally like sweets, I do enjoy a rare treat. The Ciambella looks like a big donut with granulated sugar coating it, but it is soft and fluffy when you bite into it, tastes like it was freshly baked, and is plain delicious. I can see why so many people line up at Francesca Bakery just to get their morning coffee and a Ciambella.

If you are ever looking for a good Italian bakery, you should definitely try Francesca Bakery. Did I just do myself a disservice by making the lineup even longer?

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