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If you are asked to name some good Thai restaurants in the GTA, you can probably come up with a couple located downtown, but if you have been to Jatujak, that one might be on your list as well. They have 3 locations in Scarborough. So far, I have tried the one on Kingston Rd (which opened first) and the one on Victoria Park. I usually go to the latter one because it’s closer to the highway and my husband used to live up the street from it. Since the Victoria Park location opened, they have expanded from one dining section to also include an additional lower section with more seating.

Jatujak’s style of cooking is different than other Thai restaurants since it is a mix of authentic home cooking and street food according to their website. I am not an expert on Thai food, but I have noticed that their pad thai is different (and possibly better) than other Thai restaurants I’ve been to.

Although I’ve tried a few different dishes at Jatujak, when my husband and I dine in or get takeout, we almost always get the vegetable spring rolls (I prefer the cold rolls but my husband doesn’t eat those), Jatujak pad thai and gaeng panang curry. The mango salad and cold rolls are amazing as well. I could go on, but I might end up listing the whole menu. 🙂

Their food is really fresh and flavourful. Some of their entrees are also spicy, which I love because I find some Thai restaurants don’t add enough spice unless you ask for it. I’ve also chosen too high of a spicy level at those other restaurants and paid for it later…

Jatujak has become our go-to Thai restaurant, so much so that my husband and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner there last year. Our families and wedding party loved the food as much as we do and my maid-of-honour ordered two entrees, one of which she was “supposed” to bring home to her husband. I think most of it didn’t make it out of the restaurant. I’m not surprised because Jatujak is yummy for your tummy! 

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