May Yan Seafood Restaurant

4227 Sheppard Ave E Unit B2, Scarborough, ON M1S 5H5

Want to eat some good Chinese food? No problem, when you live in the Greater Toronto Area (and Asia 😜). I take it for granted that the GTA has good food from pretty much every ethnicity due to it being so multicultural. I have heard from my in-laws who moved to Florida and Fort Erie, Ontario that there aren’t any good Chinese restaurants near them. That’s why whenever they come back to Toronto to visit, they want to get their Chinese food fix.

My in-laws usually like to go to Congee Queen, but they wanted to try a different Chinese restaurant a few months ago so I suggested May Yan Seafood Restaurant at Midland and Sheppard Ave East. I didn’t realize it had changed from Maple Yip Seafood Restaurant which I had been to before; I just knew the location of it. According to someone’s comment on TripAdvisor, most of the staff are the same and only the ownership had changed. If that is the case, it was a good move for the new owners since the staff provided good customer service and were friendly.

We ordered the Beef tenderloin with black pepper, Sweet and sour pork with pineapples, Crispy chicken with green onions and ginger, Chow mein Cantonese style, and Shrimp fried rice. The food at May Yan Seafood Restaurant was delicious and flavourful, and my sister-in-law even said their Crispy chicken was her new favourite. Since there were only four of us and each dish was so plentiful, there was a lot of food for us to take home after. It was nice that we also got complimentary pork bone soup, dessert soup, and fortune cookies. Is it actually a fortune if mine said “You are down-to-earth.”? If so, May Yan Seafood Restaurant’s fortune is my blog post about them…

You have yummy food, generous portions, and great staff.
~ Fortune Teller a.k.a. Food Blogger of YUMMY 4 UR TUMMY

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