Miss Vickie’s Sweet & Spicy Ketchup Chips

Miss Vickie’s chips have been one of my favourites since I was a kid. My grandma used to bring me to the convenience store some Sundays (when my mom allowed it) after my parents and I went to church and lunch with her so I could choose any snack I wanted. I remember seeing Miss Vickie’s and Mr. Vickie’s chips side-by-side in the chips section and I always wondered what the relationship was between the two.

Now that we have the Internet (yup, I am so old that the Internet didn’t exist when I was a kid…), I was able to look it up. I found this article that says Mr. Vickie’s chips were created by the husband, Bill Kerr, of the woman who created Miss Vickie’s chips, Vickie Kerr. Vickie made the chips with the potatoes Bill grew on their farm. At the request of Miss Vickie’s customers, they came out with Mr. Vickie’s, which grew quickly in popularity. I like the names of their chips even more now that I know the history behind them. ❤️

Even back then, I preferred salty over sweet so I often chose chips as my snack and Mr. Vickie’s was my favourite choice. Mr. Vickie’s chips were a spicy BBQ flavour that I haven’t tasted on a chip ever since. If I remember correctly, Miss Vickie’s mostly had the Original flavour back then and I preferred my chips to be flavoured when I was young. It was the same amazing quality of kettle-cooked chips without any additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours no matter which bag of chips I chose though.

A few months ago, I noticed Walmart had a new flavour of Miss Vickie’s chips when I was shopping there – Sweet & Spicy Ketchup. I like ketchup chips so I bought a bag to try and now Miss Vickie’s Sweet & Spicy Ketchup chips are my new favourite ketchup chips. They are spicier than I thought they would be. After eating a few of them, they have a little bit of a kick, which I like since I like spicy. The spices they use are flavourful so it’s almost like having ketchup with flavourful food, but I’m not sure what yet. Like all Miss Vickie’s chips, the chips are crunchy and crispy and the potatoes that are used to make them are fresh, without black spots like I’m finding with some other well-known chips brands recently.

I have only seen Miss Vickie’s Sweet & Spicy Ketchup chips at Walmart so far so if you are at one in Canada and you like Miss Vickie’s chips, ketchup, and slightly spicy food, you should give them a try. You never know when they will become just a fond, distant memory like Mr. Vickie’s chips…

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