Pho Anh Vu

3280 Midland Ave Unit 27 and 28, Scarborough, ON M1V 4W9

When you hear about a restaurant twice in one week from two different people, you can’t help but think to yourself that it must be good. Pho Anh Vu was such a restaurant. They have six locations now, with their North York location being the first and Vaughan being the most recent one. That’s impressive considering they have only been around since 2019. My coworker told me her family went straight to Pho Anh Vu once their flight landed in Toronto because they missed the food in the Greater Toronto Area so much. I won’t say which country they visited… 😂

My husband and I went to Pho Anh Vu’s Scarborough location to see what the fuss was about and as soon as we walked in, I noticed the classy decor, which included a cherry blossom tree. We got there shortly after they first opened at 11 am and by noon, they were completely packed. Note: If you go to their Scarborough location at Midland and Finch, there are a bunch of good restaurants in that plaza and the parking lot is pretty small so it can be difficult to get a parking spot.

In addition to the Rare beef rice noodle soup I ordered and the Well done flank rice noodle soup for my husband, we got some spring rolls to share. Not wanting to risk the medium pho being too small (or more like my stomach was like “feed me!”), we both got the large…and they were LARGE. The beef was high-quality meat and tender, and the broth had depth, wasn’t salty, and was topped with fresh green onions, onions, and cilantro. We got the Grilled pork and the Grilled chicken and spring roll with vermicelli takeout another time and they were really good as well.

The meat at Pho Anh Vu was the best meat I have had at a Vietnamese restaurant and they gave more meat than noodles…wow! Their prices were a little higher, but their food was worth it. I haven’t been to Vietnam (and I can’t wait until I visit one day), but eating the food at Pho Anh Vu makes me feel like I am transported there. “Original taste” is what their website uses. I think they missed the word “delicious”. 😊

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