Mario’s Pizza Kitchen

355 Pitfield Rd, Scarborough, ON M1S 3E5

Pizza…I was going to start this post differently, but thought that saying the word “pizza” first would grab your attention because who doesn’t love pizza? It has been a while since I last posted. This is what happens when there are too many good restaurants…you want to keep going to those ones.

My husband (yes, I have to credit him for this find) found a good, new restaurant last week – Mario’s Pizza Kitchen. It is right beside Roti Hut, near McCowan and Sheppard Ave E. They have tough competition and they brought their ‘A’ game. 

I wanted to try a new pizza place to change it up from the World Famous Pizza and Papa John’s Pizza we have been getting. Instead of getting frozen pizza from the supermarket, we order one pizza each from a restaurant and freeze the leftovers. If we ever need a quick bite to eat, we just need to heat it in the microwave or if we have the time, in the oven or air fryer. It’s around the same price and probably healthier (?).

Last Friday, my husband picked us up a Family combo from Mario’s Pizza Kitchen, which came with two medium pizzas (I chose pepperoni and bacon for my two toppings, and my husband got chicken and bacon), a large salad, 1 lb of wings and fries, four pops, and four dips for $36.99 plus tax. It was good value for the cost and the food was tasty, which made it even better.

The Caesar salad from Mario’s Pizza Kitchen had fresh romaine lettuce and freshly grated Parmesan cheese (are you as pleasantly surprised as I am?). The pizza sauce had a smoky flavour, the crust was slightly crunchy but soft in the middle at the same time, both the pepperoni and bacon on my pizza were crispy, and they did not skimp on the quality of the cheese. We got the garlic parm sauce on the wings, which had a nice flavour. The wings themselves tasted like they were seasoned before they were floured and deep-fried, and the meat was cooked just right, while the skin was crispy. Their fresh-cut fries were tender and their creamy garlic dipping sauce was thick, creamy, and smooth, with subtle flavouring. I need to become a poet to do each one justice.

In a few months, I might crave World Famous Pizza or Papa John’s Pizza again, but right now, I want to get some more Mario’s Pizza Kitchen pizza. We are trying to work our way through the last order we had frozen as quickly as we can so we can do just that. 😉

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